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Milward Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

Milward circular knitting needles are used for knitting seamless garments, hats, cuffs and collars and come in a variety on needle sizes and lengths. They have a smooth transition between the flexible cable and the rounded pointed tips, the smaller sizes are made of aluminium to ensure flex with stability, with larger sizes made of lightweight and flexible plastic.

80cm Fixed Circular Knitting Needles
2.00mm £2.90
2.50mm £2.90
2.75mm £2.90
3.00mm £2.90
3.25mm £2.90
3.50mm £2.90
3.75mm £2.90
4.00mm £2.90
4.50mm £3.10
5.00mm £3.30
5.50mm £3.65
6.00mm £3.65
6.50mm £3.90
7.00mm £3.90
8.00mm £3.90
9.00mm £3.90
10.00mm £3.90