Shawl Pins Designs

LP60 Alhambra Lace Pin, SP1 Classic Waves Shawl Pin, SP34 String of Silver Beads Shawl Pin, SP35 Sweet Pea Vine Shawl Pin, SP48 Naga Shawl Pin, SP49 Coil Shawl Pin, SP50-1 Mod Leather Shawl Pin, SP51 Walled Indian City Shawl Pin, SP52 Palace Courtyard Shawl Pin, SP59 Marrakech Pin, SP62 Baroque Beetle Shawl Pin, ST42-1 Alpaca Shawl Stick, ST42-5 Merino Ewe Shawl Stick, ST66 Apus Celtic Bird Of Paradise Shawl Stick


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